Excitement for “The Terminator” Never Terminates

Excitement for “The Terminator” Never Terminates

Creative Licensing Corporation Appearing at Licensing Expo

Creative Licensing Corporation (CLC) represents the ever-popular merchandising rights to the motion picture, “The Terminator”, and knows the sleeper hit hasn’t aged a day since its 1984 release. CLC is attending Brand Licensing Europe in London to present new licensed products and talk about the ways this iconic cyborg – and the franchise it spawned – lives on.

Celebrating 30 years, “The Terminator” and its sequel, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” score well on several prominent lists. Both represented by CLC, the movies have maintained their prominent rankings on lists such as AFI’s Top 100 list, Best 75 Films of all time by Total Film, IMDB’s top 250, best villain (remarkably also garnering best hero), Top 35 Films in History by Empire Magazine and many more. The Terminator’s memorable quotes “I’ll be back” and “Hasta la vista, baby” are ingrained in our culture. “Terminator 2” earned six Academy Award nominations and four wins.

Rand Marlis, President of CLC, said, “It has been an honor to share the Terminator’s epic journey these past 30 years. This cyborg evolves from villain to superhero and saves the world. The characters of Sara and John Connor combine to make the story a classic.”

Recent licensees for Terminator masks and apparel include Fright Rags and Poeticgem, respectively, plus a license with Microgaming for a major new online slot machine release of Terminator 2. Additionally, several previous licensees have extended and expanded their Terminator agreements with CLC, including Reef for video games, Pegasus Hobby for model kits, Sideshow for collectibles, and Sudden Impact and Creative Cultural for theme-park attractions.

CLC also represents the merchandising rights to “Terminator Salvation” plus many other memorable movies and television series such as “Rambo” and “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” CLC recently licensed the classic French film “Breathless” to a Japanese clothing company and the high-end clothing line it inspired sold out all inventory in a matter of weeks.